PODC '14- Proceedings of the 2014 ACM symposium on Principles of distributed computing

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SESSION: Keynote lecture

Rational and resilient protocols

SESSION: Session 1

Signature-free asynchronous byzantine consensus with t < n/3 and o(n2) messages

Asynchronous MPC with a strict honest majority using non-equivocation

Distributing the setup in universally composable multi-party computation

SESSION: Session 2

The future(s) of shared data structures

A paradox of eventual linearizability in shared memory

Brief announcement: are lock-free concurrent algorithms practically wait-free?

Brief announcement: a generic construction for nonblocking dual containers

SESSION: Session 3

Multi-message broadcast with abstract MAC layers and unreliable links

Consensus with an abstract MAC layer

Simple and efficient local codes for distributed stable network construction

Linear-in-delta lower bounds in the LOCAL model

SESSION: Session 4

Anonymous networks: randomization = 2-hop coloring

Beyond set disjointness: the communication complexity of finding the intersection

Breathe before speaking: efficient information dissemination despite noisy, limited and anonymous communication

SESSION: Session 5

Estimation for monotone sampling: competitiveness and customization

Distributed algorithms for the Lovász local lemma and graph coloring

Brief announcement: towards security and privacy for outsourced data in the multi-party setting

Brief announcement: game theoretical approach for energy-delay balancing in distributed duty-cycled MAC protocols of wireless networks

SESSION: Keynote lecture

Coding theory for scalable media delivery

SESSION: Session 6

Distributed connectivity decomposition

Can quantum communication speed up distributed computation?

Optimal gossip with direct addressing

SESSION: Session 7

Complexity tradeoffs for read and update operations

Concurrent updates with RCU: search tree as an example

Brief announcement: distributed universality: contention-awareness; wait-freedom; object progress, and other properties

Brief announcement: concurrency-aware linearizability

SESSION: Session 8

Software-improved hardware lock elision

A generalized asynchronous computability theorem

Balls-into-leaves: sub-logarithmic renaming in synchronous message-passing systems

Dynamic-sized nonblocking hash tables

SESSION: Session 9

Trade-offs between selection complexity and performance when searching the plane without communication

Improved distributed steiner forest construction

Spanners and sparsifiers in dynamic streams

Time versus cost tradeoffs for deterministic rendezvous in networks

SESSION: 2013 ACM A.M. turing award lecture

An incomplete history of concurrency chapter 1. 1965--1977

SESSION: Keynote lecture

Rigorous system design

SESSION: Session 10

How to withstand mobile virus attacks, revisited

Born and raised distributively: fully distributed non-interactive adaptively-secure threshold signatures with short shares

Fast and unconditionally secure anonymous channel

SESSION: Session 11

Efficient lock-free binary search trees

The amortized complexity of non-blocking binary search trees

Brief announcement: gracefully degrading consensus and k-set agreement under dynamic link failures

Brief announcement: local approximability of minimum dominating set on planar graphs

SESSION: Session 12

Beyond geometry: towards fully realistic wireless models

On the impact of geometry on ad hoc communication in wireless networks

On the power of the congested clique model

Brief announcement: linial's lower bound made easy

Brief announcement: Super-fast t-ruling sets

Brief announcement: almost-tight approximation distributed algorithm for minimum cut

SESSION: Session 13

Making objects writable

Asynchronous convex hull consensus in the presence of crash faults

Distributed computing building blocks for rational agents

Near-optimal communication-time tradeoff in fault-tolerant computation of aggregate functions